Caviar and Fish

Large retail chain of seafood stores in Russia. For a long time, the company existed exclusively offline, and, at some point, its management decided to create its own Internet platform in order to optimize business control and increase its competitiveness in the market. So a representative of the chain approached us with the task of developing a service for online sales.


The goal was to implement an online service that includes a complex infrastructure of interfaces for insight couriers, operators, store cashiers, and administrators.

Firstly, we decided on the project technical stack. For the client part implementation, we chose React framework, and for the server part implementation, we chose Node.js framework.

Implementation features

Apart from the admin panel for managing the site, we developed three custom profiles for staff. 

For instance, one of the profiles is for a store cashier. In this section, users can see all the orders and register products.

Another profile is for an operator. It allows users to track all current orders and manage customers’ requests. 

Also, we implemented the custom profile for a courier. We created it as a PWA for mobile devices to make the service more convenient for couriers since they spend the most time outdoors. Couriers’ profile displays all the information about orders. What’s more, it allows users to navigate through the integrated Yandex maps.

We synchronized service with the store stock by integrating it with the 1C. We chose this system of business process automation as one of the most popular today.


The store is actively developing both offline and on the Internet. While it is becoming more and more popular, we continue to work on its functionality.


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