The app is aimed to permanently monitor unmanned aerial vehicles within the range of Wi-Fi radar-device (any Android-device may be used). The app constantly carries out background scanning on a frequency of 2,4 GHz and locates unknown  UAVs as well as the registered ones.


The main peculiar properties of the app are background scanning and saved scanning history, including the distance to the located UAV. The app calculated the distance according to the WiFi signal strength. 

We set up a remote cloud storage FireBase in order to save all registered UAVs with their IP addresses. The app synchronizes with the cloud storage in real time both in background mode and in on-state. 

Our app runs in the most efficient regime thanks to the two essential developments. Firstly, we took into account energy usage requirements (as the app runs constantly in the background mode). Secondly, we overcame system restrictions that were set up by the Android platform for the apps with background modes. 

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