Gold Stock

The goal was to develop a marketing website for business school Gold Stock with custom profiles for students. 
We decided to develop a service on React framework since it provides code modularity and fast frontend scaling.

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Implementation features

One of the most complex tasks we had was to implement a form that users fill while signing in. Then, according to these forms, managers will have to create unique study programs for each student.

Drag and drop wherever you want

Among other things, this form creation meant that we had to implement a Drag-and-Drop effect. For instance, it applies in a section where users have to prioritize their values. The problem was that React frameworks don’t provide mobiles with the correct D’N’D display, only desktops. To solve the problem, we improved the one we had chosen by adjusting the elements we needed to mobile devices.

Website managing

On the main pages of profiles, students can see the statistics. We implemented that by integrating the website with the gist service of the GitHub platform. That allowed us to avoid administration panel development.


Since we are interested in entrepreneurship, we were happy to collaborate with the school of management. The service we implemented helps its tutors to create individual programs for students that want to succeed in their businesses.

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