A professional service for designers. It solves the problem of searching references by automating the process using artificial intelligence.

Insides is a SaaS service that runs on a large tech stack that maintains it always available for new users.

We implemented the server part on Python Django and used PostgreSQL as the app database. The app data storage has a connected graph structure that enables pictures to insert into a working recommendation model.

As far as a client part must be flexible, we realized functionality that enables the app server part to implement protocol GraphQL. The backend also was integrated with Amazon S3 for storing large amounts of graphic data. It can edit pictures using the cloud functions. Test environment for MVP was Heroku service.

Custom Site for Graphics

Apart from the complex computing, the service includes a client site that we implemented on React frontend framework and NodeJS backend framework. There were no troubles in creating different architecture for the client site, taking into account a different framework, since it is another product.

Mobile app for Graphics

One of the main development features was that we used a “young” framework SwiftUI to implement the deign for iOS app.

As a result, our team created one new project with a non-classical stack, and the customer got a badge "SwiftUI".

What does the service do? provides users with intelligent picture analysis. It identifies a lot of characteristics. For instance, among them, there are layout, colors, and the image histogram.

Since ‍ uses custom content, it protects pictures by copyright. Users can link to sources on the server part.

‍We integrated the service with Amplitude that helps us in improving User Experience.

“I'm not impressed” ©

In that case, we suggest you check out Instagram, which is driven by a built-in AI algorithm.

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