Human Cosmos

HumanCosmos helps people in self-development. The app adapts to the users’ habits and creates a specific customized plan for them on how to manage their time while maintaining a balance between personal life and career.

The Task

The goal was to develop an app on iOS and the project had two teams working on it. While we were implementing the app client part, our customer’s team made the server part. Firstly we created technical specifications and figured out the project structure, and then our managers immediately launched the implementation.

The Developing

As far as the server part did not include any complex logic, we decided not to develop our own software and use Firebase instead. With this platform, we created cloud storage for user data and analytics systems.

Firebase enabled us to implement one of the most crucial tasks of the project. We integrated the metrics that analyze user activity to help us to improve the User Experience.

We also integrated custom push-notifications with Firebase. Notifications remind users about daily activities they have on their list and give some relevant recommendations.


The conclusion

At the moment, HumanCosmos is already in high demand, and we are still working on it, providing tech support.

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