JBandFlowers project is an e-commerce website that sells and delivers flowers in Moscow. The website has a dashboard where users make orders and track the delivery, monitor their order history and get personalized discounts from the company.

#Angular#Bootstrap#Open Graph Protocol#Design


The client asked our company to fully develop Frontend for their online store. For data access, we used REST API that was implemented by the client on ASP.NET.


Our team faced a complex question about which framework to choose in order to develop the Frontend. This decision was quite important as it set the potential of the further improvements and the complexity of the tech support. Our team firstly decided to develop Frontend on React.js. However, when the client insisted on having the most professional and scalable solution, we chose Angular as a frontend-framework.

After developing and launching the service, we embedded Open Graph Protocol, which allowed our client efficiently promote their website through the social media.

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