Our customer was a company that manages the PJSC Gazprom bitumen logistic processes. They needed to automate the control of petroleum products transportation, so their representative contacted us to implement a custom profile for managers. 

While the customer team was working on the application API, we had to implement its client part.

The main requirement was app sustainability. When we adopted a time frame for implementation, a project manager started the process.

We decided to develop the platform on Angular as on an industrial framework since it provides the system with wire scalability.

Nowadays, most websites are not supported by Internet Explorer. Nevertheless, big companies and government corporations still use it. Thus, one of the most crucial implementation features we had was to adjust a web application for IE 11.

For back-end and front-end deployments, we used a test, dev, and production environment, deploy via docker containers to ensure continuity of development and deployment.

We created a complex custom profile and thus automated internal processes of bitumen product transportation management.

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