The multi-level marketing website is aimed to sell robots-advisers for commodities exchange. The system has inner virtual currency that users may exchange or shop with.


Firstly, we had to create an eye-pleasing and user-friendly interface. Our team created the interface that was inspired by the social medias. That way working in a dashboard will be more habitual and easy for the newcomers. We developed an admin dashboard, where managers are able to post new content and track all events, connected with the marketing system. For example, whether the user completed all requirements to get the award.


The main client’s requirement was the website’s high speed, that’s why our team decided to use the combination of React.js + Node.js. The website works fast without reloading pages.

Our team faced the main difficulty while developing the marketing system itself. As in any marketing system, the system of referral links should be implemented and the website should have a so-called “referral tree”. However, the difficulty was that the visual “tree” had a binary structure, not a referral one. That means, that the user can invite an infinite number of users under his/her structure, but the visual tree will show only two invited users (one on the left side and other on the right side). Other invited users are going down the binary structure, until there’s a free spot.

Under the project, we developed an award system that worked both with referral and visual tree. Users may upgrade their statuses and after completing certain tasks users get higher awards. Users may see the new incomes and awards in the certain section on their dashboard. Moreover, the system has its own inner currency. Users may exchange it, buy trading robots or get the money out. In order for the users to buy or withdraw the currency, we integrated the inner currency with crypto currency Ethereum.  Half of the information we decided to keep on the platform MetaMask, which provided an additional security of the users currency accounts.

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