Price Point

An app that monitors the prices of the biggest Russian retailers.

Our client had created a manual process of price monitoring in big retail chains. The information about the prices on thousands of goods was collected to the notepad by person without using any devices. After that all the data was manually imported to the database at Share Point.

Data processing took a long time and what is worse: the errors occurred frequently just because it was impossible to process such a huge data file.

We offered the client to develop a mobile app with the following features:

-To Integrate the task with the goods lists in the mobile app

-To automatically classify the goods into the groups in order to optimize the task-performance time in big supermarkets.

-To make photographs of the good right in the app and synchronize the information about the goods with the existing database at SharePoint.

Synchronizing with the server

The executors log in their personal accounts and they are able to see multiple orders at the same time and their deadlines. Clients track the progress of their orders in real time. In case there are some delays, the client may note that and send more executors to complete the order. Client has many orders, that are being completed simultaneously in different cities. That’s why the external system allows to evenly distribute the orders between the executors. It also can monitor the successful performance of the orders.

Scanning the goods

One of the executors’ tasks is to take a photograph of the price tag and of the good itself in special sections for client’s convenience. The good’s bar code is automatically checked from the photo.
«Guys from Sixhands showed themselves as highly professional specialists and they were ready to work with difficult projects. Our requirement was to optimize the price monitoring process and the team successfully fulfilled the task».
Svetalana Kropatcheva
Client’s agent

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