An app that allows you to control the quadcopter in real time.

The client constructs their own quadcopters. We had to develop a mobile app that could help the operator to control the quadcopters.
Quadcopters should fulfill tons of tasks. And in order to do that an operator should be able to construct unambiguous flying paths. Operators have to see where are the quadcopters in real time, in what weather conditions they are right now and whether they have derivations from the route.

In order to meet the requirements we set the connection with the control switch under the UART protocol. This way operators were able to see the location of the quadcopter in real time, track the tasks and control the drones.
“R-Aero’s app order is not only a successful project that was done in time but also a ton of positive emotions when you see a real (domestically assembled  - я бы это не дооавляла) machine flies right to the indicated place and performs all the necessary tasks. And our team was directly involved in that."
Vasilii Kaliteevskii
Project manager

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